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Wine Collection*

Cozy Casa*

Ah, the Home Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon, a silky confidante to the discerning heart. As the rich red essence flows, it’s like a tender serenade under a soft moonbeam, cradling your thirst for the profound. Each sip is a soft whisper across the soul, a delicate dance of satisfaction meeting ambition. As you explore the world’s canvas, the Home Harvest is your rhythmic companion, each taste a soft echo of life's sweet, meticulous allure. It’s not just a sip, but a soft, lingering embrace, a soulful journey through the corridors of what makes you, you. Each drop is a toast to your elegant voyage, a velvety tune humming to the beat of your content, curious heart. Learn More

Cosy Casa wine label FRONT_edited_edited

Hearth & Home*

Ah, the Hearth & Home, a wine that resonates with the grace of a classic melody. Each pour is a tribute to the relentless spirit, a toast to the poised essence that orchestrates your endeavors. It's more than a wine, it's a reflection of your diligent narrative, a nod to the refined elegance that guides your path to success. With every sip, it’s as if the world pauses to honor the elegance that defines you, a soft whisper of respect that echoes amidst the gentle clinks of glass. The Hearth & Home, it's not merely a choice, it's a sophisticated embrace of the sweet, enduring tune of achievement. Learn more

Hearth and Home wine label FRONT.png


Ah, the Shacking-Up Sauvignon Blanc, a liquid whisper urging the heart towards love's tender embrace. Each sip is a gentle nudge, a sweet urging to find that special someone and venture into life’s melody together. It’s not just a wine, but a soft plea to the heart to embrace the beautiful promise of shared tomorrows, where love is the sweet, enduring tune. Learn more

Shacking up wine label FRONT.png

Roof Deck*

Ah, the Roof Deck Zinfandel, a bottled essence of camaraderie waiting to serenade the skyline. As the city breathes below, you ascend to your urban haven, where the stars align to the rhythm of tender tunes and the night cradles the whispers of old friends. Uncork the vessel, and let the Zinfandel flow like a river of mellow vibes, weaving through the veins of the night, infusing the air with a cozy warmth. The liquid melody kisses your lips, a prelude to endless tales that dance on the breeze. Each sip, a soft caress on the soul, igniting the spark of cherished bonds amidst a canopy of twinkling stars. The Roof Deck Zinfandel, it's not just a wine, it’s the essence of a serene night spent amidst laughter and enlightened hearts. It’s the harmonious chorus to the symphony of a gentle night, under a moonlit deck where every drop is a verse, every clink a stanza in the poetry of the night. Amidst the soft strums of tranquil tunes and the gentle murmur of intimate dialogues, the Roof Deck Zinfandel is the tender thread that binds the night into a tapestry of ephemeral yet profound joy. Learn more

Roof Desk wine label FRONT.png

Move'in with My Honey*

Ah, the Movein' with My Honey Moscato, a soft caress on a laid-back soul. As the chilled whispers touch your lips, it’s a sweet surrender to life’s gentle rhythm. Each sip is a tender melody, a calm embrace amidst the world’s hustle. This Moscato isn’t just a taste, it’s a vibe, a leisurely dance under the soft glow of serenity. It’s for the one whose heart beats to the soothing tunes of joy, whose essence is a tranquil lake that mirrors the soothing skies. The Movein' with My Honey Moscato, it’s not just a wine, it’s a leisurely stroll through the tender, sweet cadence of life. Learn More

Moving in with my Honey wine label FRONT.png

Owner's Oasis*

Ah, the Owner's Oasis, where the "Popular and Controversial Chameleon" wine unveils the enigmatic rhythm of your soul. With every sip, you're not just tasting wine, you’re painting the room with bold strokes of charisma. Your taste, a mirror to your knack for igniting spark in a realm of hues, effortlessly stirring the calm, leaving a trail of stirred thoughts. The Owner’s Oasis wine, it’s your companion in the dance of social dynamics, a toast to your unapologetic allure amidst a whirl of lively debates. In the Owner’s Oasis, you don’t just savor a wine, you embrace the essence of being the captivating epicenter, a melody that resonates through the whirl of discussions. Learn more

Owner Oasis wine label FRONT.png

Home Harvest*

Ah, the Home Harvest watermelon wine, a divine rendezvous of sweet and savory that craves the caress of a discerning tongue. From the moment its essence was cradled from nature’s bosom, it was destined to stir the chords of greatness within the soul. As the intoxicating aroma teases your senses, the first tender kiss of this wine on your palate is a sweet pledge of sublime delights, a promise of a savory dance under the soft glow of satisfaction. The gentle ballet of sweet watermelon and savory whispers, it's a melody that was crafted in the vineyards with tender love, awaiting the moment to serenade your senses into a realm of exquisite pleasures. The Home Harvest is not merely a wine but a soulful ode to the beautiful matrimony of flavors, a passionate affair that beckons to be cherished in the gentle cradle of discerning taste buds, inspiring a sweet symphony of greatness with every tender sip. Learn more

Home Harvest wine label FRONT.png

* Wine official names and contents are curated by Trader Joe's. Products contain alcohol and are distributed by Trader Joe's. The sale of UR HOME Wine Collection is not prohibited and is only used in events to promote homeownership. See the wine chart for official names and details. Chart of wine

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