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About Us

We're On a Mission to Help Hundreds of People Buy Their First Home Every Year!

UR Home started with an idea. We want to create home-buying opportunities to provide first-time homeowners and their families with a safe, affordable, and stable place to live.

Our mission is to help people buy their first home.  We started by setting a goal of selling 10-12 houses every year. However, we have expanded our ambition to focus on putting hundreds of first-time homeowners in a home yearly through well-crafted exclusive events. The Events will be held at unique locations in Philadelphia where potential first-time homebuyers can network with real estate, finance, and credit repair specialist professionals. UR Home provides an open bar, food, live entertainment,thousands in grants, and more.

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UR Home believes home ownership is one of the most important factors in determining financial stability. Providing people every opportunity to obtain the most significant asset in economic freedom. With freedom from making a decision solely based on the monetary consequences, a person and their household will enjoy greater personal safety, better health outcomes, access to preferable educational institutions and districts, superior resources, and community support. Access to prominent business and networking opportunities could be considered additional side effects of home ownership.  

UR Home is a SMART nonprofit organization operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our team is dedicated to carrying out the organization's mission. Our goal is to affect people’s lives and change their futures for the better. We are unapologetically stubborn in accomplishing this goal and fearless in our pursuit of improving the lives of all people.

UR Home will work with any group, person, or organization that aligns with our objective of homeownership for the masses. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor an upcoming event or inquire about general donations.

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Take Your First step to becoming a home owner

We are a nonprofit organization that guides first-time home buyers through every step towards owning a home. If you have plans to buy your first home you’ve made the right decision. Buying a home can be your path to great success now and in the future.

Therefore, at UR Home, our role is to provide working-class individuals, with opportunities and the resources that guarantee a successful home buying process. With our help, you can forget about yearly rent increases; we will empower you to transform from a frustrated tenant into a proud homeowner in no time!

We help first time home buyers secure their dream homes

Do you think homeownership is something you cant achieve? Do you get frustrated with the endless red tape associated with buying a home? Do you require expert help with landing your very first home? Do you think you will never have enough money to buy a home?

That’s what we’re here for. UR Home connects you with top professionals in the real estate business who can guide and assist you every step of the way. But it doesn’t stop there; we conduct networking events—the very best ones!

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We host Exclusive events for our partners

Our events are set up at exclusive locations, with top real estate agents, mortgage brokers and credit repair specialists and General Contractors. We then invite potential homeowners, you, to our events; giving you free rein to network with all types of real estate specialists. Whatever you need, expert advice; help with a mortgage loan, proper documentation, credit repair—you name it—our events grants you access to lots of solution oriented  Professionals with the singular goal of getting attendees into homes. 

What’s more, we create a one-stop shop, where resources are available to educate you on the process involved in being a first time homeowner. All you have to do is register for one of our exclusive events, wait for your invite and come prepared to have your problems fixed.

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